I have health problems… should I talk to my practitioner?

Absolutely, before any treatment, a point will be made about your state of health, taking your medication etc…
The practitioner reserves the right to adapt or not to practice the treatment in case of contraindications.


Can I get in the sun after a massage?

Yes, but be careful… the oil can be photo sensitizing… risk of burns…
It is therefore imperative to leave the oil with sun exposure.


Can I change my treatment last minute to another one?

Yes, without any problem, from the moment it corresponds to the duration and price of the reserved treatment.


Do I have to shower before a treatment?

It is indeed recommended for to put the care oil on a clean body.


How is the hygiene of the treatment room managed?

Everything is completely cleaned after every patient and the linen is changed systematically.


How long time exactly needs my massage?

The duration of the massage is the actual duration of the massage… preparation and dressing time are not counted.
Your treatment time is therefore respected (except in case of delay on your part).